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ANITA'S ORGANIC whole grains
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For use in cooking, or in grinding your own flour, our selection of Certified Organic whole grains will please your palate.

Anitas Organic Mill - Amaranth

An excellent source for high protein.

Long Grain Brown Rice
Anitas Organic Mill - Long Grain Brown Rice

Fibre rich, nutritious, chewy and delicious!

Lundberg Wild Rice Blend
Anitas Organic Mill - Lundberg Wild Rice Blend

A versatile, hearty blend of 5 rices.

Flaxseed, Brown
Anitas Organic Mill - Flaxseed, Brown

The seed packed with fibre and alpha-linolenic acid – your heart healthy omega 3.

Millet, Hulled
Anitas Organic Mill - Millet, Hulled

Millet is naturally gluten free and rich in protein.

Anitas Organic Mill - Rye

The great weight-loss grain – it's an excellent source of fibre, selenium, phosphorus, protein and magnesium.

Wheat, Soft White
Anitas Organic Mill - Wheat, Soft White

Golden in colour and sweeter than its cousin, hard red.

Barley, Hulled
Anitas Organic Mill - Barley, Hulled

Cholesterol free, high in fibre and low in fat.

Brown Basmati Rice
Anitas Organic Mill - Brown Basmati Rice

High in not only flavour, but fibre, lignans and vitamin B.     

Anitas Organic Mill - Buckwheat

King of the healing grains.

Organic Golden Flaxseed
Anitas Organic Mill - Organic Golden Flaxseed

The seed packed with fibre and alpha-linolenic acid – your heart healthy omega 3.

Oats, Hulled
Anitas Organic Mill - Oats, Hulled

Low fat and high carbs and protein makes this a healthy food choice.

Red Fife
Anitas Organic Mill - Red Fife

Enjoy the resilience of this richly-flavourful, Canadian heritage wheat.

Anitas Organic Mill - Spelt

A delicious variety of wheat from one of the world's oldest grains.

Short Grain Brown Rice
Anitas Organic Mill - Short Grain Brown Rice

Fuel your body with this rich source of carbohydrates.

White Basmati Rice
Anitas Organic Mill - White Basmati Rice

Aromatic, low in fat, high in carbohydrates and protein – it's also gluten free.

Corn, Yellow
Anitas Organic Mill - Yellow Corn

This high energy food contains more vitamin A than any other cereal grain.

Anitas Organic Mill - Kamut

The wheat high in protein and minerals.

Red/White Quinoa
Anitas Organic Mill - Red/White Quinoa

Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain.

Wheat, Hard Red
Anitas Organic Mill - Wheat, Hard Red

Loaded with nutty flavour, nutrients and rich in gluten.

Anitas Organic Mill - Emmer

High in calcium and fiber, but remarkably low in gluten.

" Anita's locally mill wonderful flours will allow you to create the best nutritious breads ever.  We have tried flours from other mills in our restaurants but always go back to Anita’s. Thank you to John and your family for championing local mills in B.C. and Canada that are committed to creating high quality, nutritious flours and grains for us to enjoy baking and cooking with."

Suzanne Fielden
Rocky Mountain Flatbread